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Business Model

JOULE BIOGASTECHNIK wants to concentrate more on the development and marketing of biogas facilities, particularly abroad. After the successful start-up of 25 different reference plants in Germany and Japan, readiness for the market is achieved, justifying an international marketing.

JOULE BIOGASTECHNIK brings in the resources part of technology and technical know-how. This model, however, will only be endorsed if the supply for the production of the core areas as technology, software and control will be executed by the partner company. The delivery by JOULE BIOGASTECHNIK comprises all systems, subsystems, assembly groups and components that are necessary for the operation of JOULE BIOGASTECHNIK plants.

Our service package includes consultation, planning, engineering service and the supply of technology and technical equipment. JOULE BIOGASTECHNIK is not the builder or operator of the biogas plants.